For all the beautiful-hearted God-loving single girls out there…

Had to share this really interesting article a couple of friends posted today.

It matters who you marry

Girls, thank God for His divine intervention.  Sometimes it’s extremely painful, but the alternative could have been so much worse if you’d settled for less than you deserve for the sake of no longer being single…oh, and by the way – what you deserve, is God’s best, whatever your marital status.

How about busting a few stereotypes while you’re single?  I love busting stereotypes – I’ve been tempted to list that as a ‘personal interest’ on my resume.   But that might be a bit cheeky (I blame the Samoan genes for the cheekiness – oops, did I just perpetuate a stereotype?!).  Anyway, I’d recommend busting stereotypes, it’s loads of fun – not to mention it challenges a host of widely-held perceptions and prejudices, which is a good, healthy thing.

Maybe redefine a few terms along the way – for example, when people hear the words ’41 year-old Christian spinster’ – I’m not entirely convinced that the visual representation that springs to mind, is me.  For starters I don’t do sensible shoes, I wear lip gloss (not too much though!) and I smile far more than any spinster in her right mind ever would or should, apparently.   Oh, and I’m rocking a runway in just over a week’s time during NZ Fashion Week.  Nah.  I’m not sure anything about me particularly screams ‘41 year-old Christian spinster’!  See, busting stereotypes is loads of fun! 🙂

Girls, if you’re single, spread your wings and fly in the face of what and who the world and old-school churchianity culture tries to tell you to be, just because you ‘haven’t snagged a man yet’.  Just be you, in all your prettiness-loving, shoe-collecting, mountain-climbing, marathon-running, snow-boarding, pasta-making, blog-posting, browkie-baking, youth-mentoring, company-running, girly-giggling glory.  Don’t believe the lie.  If you’re single, you’re not a failure, there’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t have to end up as a wilting wallfower in a church corner, that tragic ageing beauty who ‘never married’, and who people observe from a distance with a mixture of pity and fear.  Forget that!  Give a wide berth to any people or church environment that (even subtly) perpetuates that stereotype or tries to put you in that box.

Connect with people and a church that validates, respects and celebrates you. That holds you in the esteem you deserve as a courageous woman who has chosen to honour God, trust Him, and save yourself for His best.  And if His best never comes in the form of a man, it will come in some other form, equally as special, if not moreso.  God won’t ever short-change you when you trust Him.

And as this writer rightly points out, happily single trumps unhappily married hands down. I for one am grateful that God totally has my back in that department – He has made that very clear to me in the last 365 days.  And God totally has your back too.

So go forth and be fabulous you!  And don’t bat a luscious-lashed eyelid if a few stereotypes are slain on the altar of God’s glory along the way 🙂

5 thoughts on “For all the beautiful-hearted God-loving single girls out there…

    • Thank you my dear! Maybe the older we get, the more we grow to appreciate that. Also with age – if we don’t let cynicism get a look-in – I think we also develop our appreciation of the perfectly viable (as in your case!) ‘happily married’ option too. And I betcha your hubby knows what a lucky man he is! XO 🙂


  1. Oh you hit it right on the nail, so good and so true! stereotyping thing is such a silly misconception. And when God intervenes it can be painful but he knows what hes doing.


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