And to the models, Respect

So, models.  I would venture to say that based on my experience to date, models really are quite extraordinary people.

And not because of the height of their cheekbones or the fullness of their lips or the length of their limbs, much-vaunted as those physical attributes may be by agencies the world over.

Because I’ve noticed something about them which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense.

There is far more depth to them than the world at large might give them credit for, methinks.  And all the girls who I have met at castings and on jobs are, without exception, beautiful both inside and out.

And here’s my theory on why…for what it’s worth.  I mean, I’m a thinkergirl, I think about these things! 🙂

You see, these girls (I haven’t worked with model boys yet), they move in a world where they are regularly assessed on the basis of their physical attributes, or their ‘look’.  How they present to the world.  Their appearance.  And it’s either what a client is looking for, or it’s not.  So in actual fact, the popular definition of ‘attractiveness’, such as it is, rarely features in the selection of a model for a job. In some ways, the selection of a model for a job is quite ‘technical’ if that makes sense.  Whether they fit a sample size for example, or whether their look is what a client has in mind.  To operate effectively in such a world, it goes without saying that a healthy self-image is an absolute pre-requisite.

And in response to such an environment, I’ve observed an intriguing phenomenon amongst the models I’ve met so far.

Rather than being focused on externals, as one with less information might erroneously suppose – they place an inordinate value on what is inside a person.  On character.  On integrity.  On creativity.  They love beauty, of course, as do we all – but they also seem to have grasped, moreso than most I suspect, the timeless pulchritude of a beautiful heart.

Yes, that’s right – pulchritude.  It’s a real word, honest.  Google it if you don’t believe me! 🙂

In short, they are some of the least shallow and most down-to-earth people I have ever met.

And it comes out in the way they engage with the world.  There is a humility, a guileless modesty, and a quiet strength to many of these girls that is, frankly, striking.  And beautiful.  I suspect that some might find that a surprising assessment, although upon reflection, I can’t think why.  That’s what shines out of them when they’re on a runway or in front of the camera.  Their inner beauty.

Working with these girls, my experience is that they are genuinely lovely.  There is no pretense.  There is no cattiness.  There is no frivolous bitchy competitiveness – the older girls admit it was a bit like that a very long time ago, but that is so 1980s-90s and anyone like that won’t last long these days.

Many of these girls have a creative side to them, in addition to modeling.  Almost every one of the girls I’ve met is involved in some kind of creative endeavour – be it painting, sculpting, design, dancing, music, or writing.

On a job, I have noticed that the girls make an effort to get to know one another, to encourage one another, and to support one another, as would happen in any healthy workplace.  Phone numbers are often traded after a casting or job and friendships built from there, as would happen in any healthy workplace.  From what I have seen, it doesn’t seem to be the diva-driven environment that might be the general impression of many, based on the behaviour of a few.

And, whilst I’ve found it intriguing, if I think about it, it’s really not surprising at all.

Because what has been brought home to me after meeting and getting to know some lovely models in recent months, is this.  Regardless of bone structure, build or any other technical definitions of physical beauty – real beauty does come from within.

So, to all the models I’ve met, and those who I haven’t met, to those of you who are as beautiful-hearted on the inside as you are beautiful-faced on the outside, I say, respect XO 🙂

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