And so, a blog is born…with a special place for my beautiful-hearted girls

So, one of the reasons I started writing this blog, was for my beloved girls.  When I left Singapore, I left a whole lot of beautiful 20-something and 30-something God-loving young single (and a couple of young newly-wedded) women behind me, who I loved dearly and who, by all accounts as far as I could tell, loved me back.

Prior to living in Singapore, I had never been in an environment where the young women in a church actually looked up to me and seemed to really respect me for the stand I took as an ‘older’ single Christian girl, trusting God for His husband for me, or for His best, whatever form that took.

And these beautiful-hearted young women, I think they knew, that what they were going through, I’d been there.  Oh, how I’d been there.  I am still there.  It’s not easy being God’s girl in a culture that glamorizes all the things that can ultimately destroy our sense of worth and value if we let them.  So we’re constantly living against the grain.  Not for the sake of it, but because we believe that there is a better way.  And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.  We’re prepared to live it out.

At 20, I decided to trust God for a man who would love me as Christ loves the church – and at 41, I am still yet to see any evidence that such a man exists, for me at least.  But I still hope, and I still trust.  It does get more challenging as the years pass – I won’t pretend for a moment that it’s easy – but I know that nothing is impossible with God and that He will never fail me, whether He brings a man or not.

So my beautiful young girls, they know, that I know a bit about the lot in life of a single Christian girl.  About waiting.  And disappointment.  And making bad (read: dumb) decisions.  And taking the wrong advice from well-meaning but poorly-informed friends.  And not taking the right advice from well-meaning and well-informed friends! And trusting the wrong men with our tender hearts.  And heartbreak.  And utter devastation.  And fighting bitterness and despair.  And about recovery.  And restoration.  And God’s grace being sufficient.  And holding onto hope in God.  Even as the years become decades.

And my heart’s desire for these young women is that they can get from one end of their 20’s and 30’s to the other in one God-loving piece.  From my experience, that is easy to say, more challenging to do.  Not impossible though.

So I started writing thinkergirl-type posts on Facebook earlier this year, and my beloved girls started asking me to start a blog.  Since leaving Singapore, I can’t just run up the road for a girly coffee with one of my girls, to talk, listen, share, laugh, cry and pray with them.  And I now have a bit more time to write, since New Zealand isn’t exactly lining up to spend time with me the way Singapore was!  Apparently it will take a couple of years for me to fit back into this country after moving back here.  That’s a lot of writing time 🙂

And I came to realise that whilst I may not be able to sit across cafe tables with my girls in Singapore (and the world over now that some of the girls have moved on from Singapore), I can still write for them, if only from a distance…words of encouragement and validation and understanding and hope.

So whilst this blog is not intended to be exclusive and I expect will often be written for a fairly general audience – you, my sweet-hearted girls, you will always have a very very special place in my heart in this blog 🙂

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