The antidote to injustice? Perhaps not…but close enough for Aunty :-)

Injustice is perplexing, to put it mildly.

God asks us to believe Him when He says that He has bottled all our tears and has not forgotten a single one – in fact, He would have us believe that He has felt every hurt more intensely than we, and that He has, somehow, cried each tear with us. He asks us to believe Him when He says that He cares. That He cares more than we could ever imagine.

Even as everything around us screams just the opposite.

Even as God appears to bless, prosper and reward those who have injured and wounded us without remorse or apology and so completely as to render us utterly bereft of all hope. And utterly afraid to dare to believe that we are, yes we are, we are worth loving. That we deserve to be loved for who we are, for who God made us to be. That we have value.

Not that we wish ill for those who injure us. We don’t. Well, I don’t at least. I honestly, genuinely don’t. And if as Christians we choose to bring such things to God, we ask God – in the kind of desperation that pursues a purity of heart that is beyond us in our human frailty and that only can come from Him – to give us His heart in all this. ย His grace. ย To help us to understand, to forgive even as no forgiveness is sought, to see as He sees.

But some days, it’s just more difficult to see as God sees. And the injustice of no apparent consequence to the other for our suffering at their hand overwhelms us in a wave of wretched bitterness that threatens to take us under and choke the life out of us. Some days, it’s just more difficult to trust Him as He asks us to. When God says that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, He is so not kidding.

Getting hurt is all a part of being alive, of engaging with the world. In some sense, pain is a good sign, a healthy sign that we are alive, that our feelings and emotions are fully functional. But knowing this somehow doesn’t make hurt any more bearable.

And as I consider all this, I look into my baby nephew’s enormous, beautiful, expressive 5 month-old eyes. And I hear his squeals of delight as he discovers something new each day that life has to offer him. And I feel his head on my chest as I sing him to sleep (I sang him ‘Hey Jude’ today – a perfect, albeit somewhat surprising, lullaby) and I watch his eyes flutter closed into a peaceful slumber, his arms spread across me in one enormous Baby Cuddle For Aunty.

And all injustice is forgotten, all pain dissipates, for just a moment. Sweet relief. Mercy drop. Even as in my darkest moments I feel God has abandoned me to desolation, pain, rejection and hopelessness…I also feel a warm little head snuggled up under my chin, plump little arms across my front and tiny little hands clutching my sides. And I feel slightly less abandoned. And I wonder, if God has actually sent this to me, in the midst of all the fallout. Baby Cuddles. For Aunty.

And I wonder whether, perhaps, on some level, God does care after all.

5 thoughts on “The antidote to injustice? Perhaps not…but close enough for Aunty :-)

  1. It is certainly easy to feel that God has abandoned us in the world today – I’ve felt this way many times myself. There is so much cruelty and injustice and we want to blame God for the world’s problems, however it isn’t God that causes problems in this world – it is people. God loves us and wants to help us, but we don’t always turn to him in times of need and pray for his help – instead we turn to people who can’t help us or even themselves. Your nephew is a gift from God and that tiny bundle of joy is a reminder of the miracles of life.


    • Thanks so much for your comments, much appreciated and I agree with all you have said. Yes, I do believe that my nephew is a love gift from God (hopelessly besotted aunty In The House) ๐Ÿ™‚ Ultimately, we all have to choose – when the two differ, will we believe the circumstances, or will we believe what God has said. But it’s not necessarily a one-off choice when we have to live in the circumstances – in which case it’s the choosing every day thing that gets a bit tricky sometimes! But that we must.


  2. Hi Thinkerheart, life can hurl some pretty ugly, distasteful curve balls at us, and it all seems so unfair — and then the wondering ‘why’ seems natural. It’s so comforting that the Lord can use the simplest, purest of joys to ease our wounded heart. I am so happy that we have these moments of grace when, and we can feel the pureness of true love. So happy that your baby nephew was the instrument of the Lord’s grace — and He seems to be reminding you — reminding me of this present truth. I look forward to volunteering at my local hospital in the prenatal unit, and have had a strong yearning for doing so, for it seems this is the way that the Lord is pointing me to receive a sweet gift of his Grace. And babies are the best reminder of that precious gift. Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring post, happy love to your sweet nephew baby and a sweet Christmas to you and your family! Many blessings to you, TH! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Hi Thinkerheart! My pleasure! Thanks for writing such thought-provoking posts that inspire my thinking! The Christmas holidays were full of sweet memories, being in the kitchen enjoying family and all the wonders of this special season! How was yours with your adorable nephew? Are you getting ready for an incredible New Year 2013? I’m believing the best is yet to come and I’m so happy to have found your blog in 2013. Definitely see you on the other side of 2013! Success and happiness to you, my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚


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