A break from first-world musings…to consider the resiliency of the human spirit

Not to take anything from the gripping instalments and first-word musings of How Glo Got Her Groove back…but today I am reminded that there is so much going on in the world right now that can teach us much.

One of my beloved friends and her beautiful family live in Israel. Since July 8th of this year, she has lived a life interspersed with sirens and bunkers.

So have her husband and their two beautiful young boys.

No matter what view each of us holds, or what ‘side’ we might take in the current Gaza conflict (and I have no interest in having that debate here, so if you want to have that discussion move along please), and regardless of the spectrum of media representation – let’s not forget that there are real people, living their day-to-day lives just like us, caught in the crossfire of all this.

My friend is an extraordinary woman, full of strength and dignity and wisdom. I saw her words below, and couldn’t not share this.

This is not some media storm of horrific images designed not to inform, but to evoke nothing more than strong emotion in readers and viewers. This is real life for them. Not the images we’re presented with on CNN et al.

And the effect on children is profound. Children are resilient and adaptable. It’s amazing, the selfless love that children demonstrate in the face of such adversity.

As with all adversity, it can bring out both the worst and best in human nature. It doesn’t surprise me that this is bringing out the best in my friend’s elder son – his mother is one of the most beautiful-hearted women I know. And as we all know, like begets like 🙂


“My children have been sleeping in the bunker from the beginning of the war. They are lucky that our bunker is a nice renovated home office. Just J needs to sleep in a play pen and L sleeps on his mattress on the floor. But no complaints, no need to wake the children up in panic when there is a siren in the night.

Last night, I put down L to sleep while J already slept one hour ago. Then I was cleaning the kitchen.

L came out his bunker ‘bedroom’ to us, with a concerned expression said: “Mama and Aba, if there is a siren in the night, run to the bunker fast to stay with me and J, OK? It’s safe here. Run fast”.

We promised yes, he happily returned to the bunker to sleep.

What do you children tell you before sleep? 🙂 

2 thoughts on “A break from first-world musings…to consider the resiliency of the human spirit

    • Well, I wouldn’t say everyone there is living in ‘horrible’ conditions – I doubt my friend would describe her life there as horrible. Most of the time for her and her family, life is much like any other day. And she appreciates the blessings they do have in the midst of the conflict – particularly the blessing of each other. It’s the small things, like the incident my friend shared, that really speaks of the impact.


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