Dreams are free, but making them a reality comes at a price…

For the first time in what I am sure is almost a decade, I spent the weekend at Waiheke Island.  For those who are not familiar with New Zealand geography, Waiheke is an island located about a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD.  It’s known for its laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, lots of creative arty people, and numerous wineries.  And it’s a popular location for weddings and the like.  It’s a great place to relax and unwind.

The picture above is a snapshot of the view from the balcony of the place where I was staying.  A beautiful-hearted galpal of mine decided that it was time for me to get away from it all, and in fairness, she was right!  Of late I have had a major case of Auckland City Fatigue.  OK, more like a case of Life-In-General Fatigue.  And the place where we stayed, it had truly spectacular views.  Even better, when I woke up in the morning I could sit in bed and see this view.  The ocean, for miles and miles.

Waking up to a sight like this, well, it is very good for the soul 🙂

And it reminded me of a post I wrote on Facebook earlier in the year, where I declared that one day I would like to live by the beach with a view like this out the window, growing old with my lucky sod of a husband (still as-yet to appear) and writing for young women, telling them how very valued and beloved of God they are.

That is my dream.

In spite of the sometimes tumultuous events of the last year, that dream hasn’t faded.  And some things have become clearer over the last 2 days, as I’ve talked with friends about what a funny little thing life can be, and as I’ve contemplated this extraordinary view.  And my extraordinary God.

For any of us, our dreams don’t come to fruition without a price.  In order to realise those dreams, this often involves risk.  It involves putting ourselves out there.  And oftentimes, when we put ourselves out there, we don’t at first succeed.  We fail.  There, I said it.  Fail. We see our dreams apparently crushed.  It costs us.  To see our dream crushed, and to get back up and continue to pursue it anyway.

And this dream I have, of living by the beach with my yet-to-appear husband and to write for young women…this also won’t come without a price.  And it does cost me.

If I really am to be able to truly write for and encourage young women, to share with them just how amazing they are and just how extraordinary God’s love is for them even when (especially when) they don’t feel it at all…then I am going to have to Walk It Out.  In practice, that means that I need to have Been There.  Through those times that they are going through, those times that they will go through.

So that I can call to them from the other side of those times and say ‘Beautiful Girl, it is so worth it!  Don’t be fooled by what you think you see.  God has your back.  Hold on to Him, He won’t fail you.  See how faithful He has been to me.  He will be faithful to you too.  Don’t let go.  Hold on.  This difficult time will pass.  God hasn’t left you.  You will come out the other side of it into all the blessings that God has for you!’

I want to be able to say that, with the deepest of conviction borne of genuine experience, to young women the world over who are looking for hope – in a generation that often expresses that they have no hope at all.

So to get to that place…that place where my dream can be realised…I need to submit to all of God’s dealings with me, even the painful, humiliating times of discipline.  That is what it is costing me.  No small price tag!  But one I am thoroughly prepared to pay.

So as I am traversing a time of discipline even now, a time where in all honesty I have lately been questioning God about all that has taken place over the last 12 months and how it could possibly serve any good purpose at all, I hold on to my dream.  A dream that I believe God has put into my heart.  And I hold on to the unfailing love of my God.

And I choose to believe what God said – that all things (even the yucky things) work together for good, to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose.

And I continue to pursue my dream, insofar as I am able to.  Well one part of it anyway.  One blog post at a time.

As for the house-by-the-sea and lucky-sod-of-a-husband parts of the dream, I’m sure God has that covered too.  First things first 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dreams are free, but making them a reality comes at a price…

  1. Hi Thinkerheart! This is truly an inspirational post. Success and dreams does come with a price, and thankfully, we have a God who is the author–and finisher of our faith. The past few years and months of your life have great insights to share and the Lord does indeed use the good, bad and in-between lessons to create something of beauty. I do believe your God-dream is being realized, even today, for I am a young woman reading your blog posts, and drawing inspiration from your journey. And I’m sure many more will come along and be inspired too. As for your future beau, he will find you. Hope you enjoyed every minute of those blissful moments at Waiheke’s beach, and I wish you success in all that you do! 🙂


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